Best New York City Apartment Rental Websites of 2019

There are plenty of websites on how to find an apartment in NYC, the key is to learn which websites are at the top of their game. After all, you want to ensure your results come from a reliable source. The following list features the best New York City apartment rental websites of 2019.


Now with Craigslist, you want to be careful to avoid scams by narrowing down your search to listings with photographs and researching the area. Otherwise, there are many people who list apartments for rent in New York City on Craigslist. You are sure to find a few places to add to your list of possible apartments.


If you are looking for New York City apartments with a short-term lease, you may find success on Leasebreak. The website has fee and no-fee apartments with leases for less than a year. You may even be able to renew your lease if you are happy with the apartment.

Naked Apartments

Naked Apartments is a great website for low-fee or no-fee apartments, so you can find a place to stay without breaking the bank. There are listings for apartments in all five boroughs. The best part is the website is part of the Zillow Group, which is a good indication that it is a reliable source.


StreetEasy is another member of the Zillow Group. You can narrow down your search to no-fee apartments, or you can search by price, rooms or neighborhood. The advanced options also gives you the opportunity to choose certain amenities. StreetEasy only accepts exclusive listings to ensure there are not any duplicate listings on the website.


You can find out if an apartment is worth your time and money by checking out RentHop. Every apartment listed receives a HopScore based on its information and value, and the team is dedicated to blocking scammers from using the website. Use RentHop to find apartments in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.


Use Zumper to find apartments from well-known boroughs to outer boroughs. The website also offers an Experian credit report for filling out multiple applications. You can filter your search to no-fee, low-fee or full fee to fit your budget. In addition, Zumper is a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate.


PadMapper makes it easy to find New York City apartments based on a certain criteria. This way, you can search for an apartment that is the right size, complete with the appliances and amenities you need, and within your budget. If you ever need to relocate for your job, you can also use the website to search for apartments outside of NYC.


Igluu is another website that allows you to find apartments based on a certain criteria. Narrow down your search to listings with photos, little-to-no fee or a specific number of rooms. It also features Google Maps so you can explore the area. You can also rest assured that Igluu is guarantor approved.

The Listings Project

The Listings Project is not a website, but it is a weekly e-mail listserve that sends information on apartment listings. You may receive information on up to 300 listings per week, and the listings only include no-fee apartments. It is also free to sign up for The Listings Project, so consider this listserve as an addition to the above websites.

Using a website to find apartments for rent in New York City allows you to narrow down your search. This makes it easier to find a place within your budget and needs. If you are looking for the best apartment rental websites of 2019, consider the list above for your apartment search.

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