How To Relocate To New York City

The decision to find an apartment in NYC is a big one, as you are moving to a huge city of five boroughs. It is best to weigh the pros and cons of moving to New York City, as this can help you make a decision on your future. Then again, you may need to relocate for family or work purposes.

If a move to the Big Apple is in your future, the following tips can help you relocate to New York City.

Choose Your Borough

As previously stated, there are five boroughs in New York City, which are the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. You want to research each borough to see which one is best for you and your household, especially if you are moving with your family. If you are relocating for work purposes, you are going to choose the borough that is closest to your workplace. Are you relocating for a change of scenery? You may want to move to the borough with wide restaurant choices or an appealing school district.

Learn The Costs

The last thing you want to do is relocate to New York City without learning the cost of living. You can use websites such as Craigslist to find the average cost of an apartment, while websites such as Naked Apartments can help you find low-fee and no-fee New York City apartments. It is also worth noting that your cost of living is going to depend on your apartment and location. Use the costs to set your budget accordingly.

Research Rental Websites

In addition to Craigslist and Naked Apartments, there are several websites that help you find apartments for rent in New York City. The best part is you can narrow down your search to your price range and preferred amenities. One idea is to use the website RentHop, which assigns an apartment a HopScore to determine if it is worth the time and money. This way, you can find an apartment that is right for you.

Hire A Long Distance Mover

If you are moving from another state altogether, it is best to look into a long distance moving company. There are many companies that offer packing services, and they know how to load, transport and unload your belongings without any problems. In addition, your belongings are covered by insurance, so any lost or damaged items are repaired or replaced. It is also easier than asking your friends to drive back and forth.

Prepare To Downsize

There is a good chance you are going to have to downsize when renting your first apartment in New York. It is no secret that living in New York is costly, so you may find it best to start small as you save up for a bigger place. A studio apartment works if you are moving solo, while a two-bedroom apartment slightly out of your preferred borough may have to do until you are ready to rent a bigger apartment.

Always Remain Flexible

As you can see, you may have to make several sacrifices when looking for apartments for rent in New York City. Whether you are settling for a smaller place or choosing a different neighborhood, this is not uncommon when moving to such an expensive area. However, you can make it work if you are willing to make those sacrifices. Remember, you can always put money on the side to relocate to another apartment in the future.

Relocating to New York City is a big step, but with a set budget and careful planning, your move to the Big Apple is sure to work out.

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