How To Move To New York City

Moving to New York City is a big step, especially since New York is such a big city. You may not be sure how to get started on your move, but the following guide can give you an idea of how to move to New York.

Know What You Want

You should determine what you want before any move, but especially before moving to New York. Do you want to live close to Times Square or Central Park? Maybe you would rather not live so close to tourist attractions. You also need to determine your budget, as well as your needs in an apartment and neighborhood. You may only need a studio apartment near a subway station. It is easier to start planning your move when you determine your wants and needs in advance.

Research The Area

You never want to move to an area without researching it first. You can use websites such as Dorsia and On The Grid to virtually explore New York City. Dorsia allows you to check out different businesses and attractions in New York. On The Grid allows you to check out different neighborhoods and districts, as well as businesses in each area. You can even find a map of the area and images of the businesses. Use your research to determine where you want to search for New York City apartments.

Check Rental Websites

Once you settle on an area, you need to look for apartments for rent in New York City. There are several apartment rental websites to consider for your search, and this includes NextDoor, Leasebreak, RentHop, Naked Apartments and StreetEasy. You can search by details such as location, monthly rent and floor plan, as well as fee, low-fee and no-fee apartments. While you do not want to rely too much on Craigslist, it is still a good place to research general aspects of apartment rental, such as the average cost of a studio apartment.

Plan For Sacrifices

While it may not be the advice you want to hear, you should plan for sacrifices when moving to New York City. It is not the cheapest move, and you may find the location, rent and size you have in mind are not doable right now. However, you may be able to find the rent and location you want, but you are going to be living in a smaller place. You may also need to sacrifice your daily stop at the local coffee shop or weekend full of museums or clubs. Remember, you are starting over in New York, so you want to be careful about your finances until you are back on your feet. You may be able to adjust your budget later as you earn more money.

Be Open To Other Options

In addition to making sacrifices, you should also be open to other options. In fact, being flexible is part of learning how to find an apartment in NYC. You may realize the two-bedroom apartment you were looking at is not in your budget, or you may not feel the neighborhood of this apartment is ideal for your lifestyle. It is best to have several options on your list when searching for an apartment and neighborhood in New York. While a studio apartment may not seem appealing, you may find the cost and neighborhood are perfect for you, and there are ways to work with a smaller space.

It may seem overwhelming to move to New York City, but it is not impossible to make such a big move. When you take your time and keep the above tips in mind, you are sure to find an apartment and area that are just right for you.

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