A New Yorker’s Guide To Living In New York

Living in New York is different from living in many other states. You have to make a lot of adjustments to your habits, budget and overall lifestyle. Once you find an apartment in NYC, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the city itself.

Luckily, there are many New Yorkers who are ready to help new residents get used to the Big Apple. If you are planning to relocate to this city, here is a New Yorker's guide to living in New York.

Embrace Public Transportation

Driving through New York can be a nightmare, and you may find yourself wasting gas money. The good news is New York is full of public transportation options, from a taxi to the subway. A one-way trip on the subway and bus is about $3, and you can transfer between both modes of transportation. If you are going to be out and about often, it is only $33 for a 7-day unlimited ride and $127 for a 30-day unlimited ride, and there are train stations and bus stops throughout the city.

Grocery Shopping Is Different

Now that you are embracing public transportation rather than driving around New York, your shopping trips are going to be different. You may be used to driving to the grocery store and stocking up on goods. With relying on subways and buses, it is easier to stock up on just enough goods for your next few meals, and you are going to do this per trip. If you prefer to stock up, you can walk to budget-friendly stores, but you are still going to be limited by what you can carry home.

Re-Adjust Your Eating Habits

From the smaller shopping trips to a tighter budget, relocating to New York City may result in changing your eating habits. Are you used to preparing your meals at home? Eating out is a way of life in New York, especially in boroughs such as Manhattan. Sometimes, eating out is easier than carrying your bagged lunch or groceries on the subway. You may even have leftovers from your take-out food, and this is in addition to the few groceries you bought for your weekly meals.

Skip Certain Amenities

There are certain amenities you may be used to in your current apartment, but may not be available in many New York City apartments. For example, there are many residents who do not have a dishwasher in their apartment. You may also have to skip amenities such as an elevator or swimming pool. However, you may find skipping these amenities is worth your new life in New York. It is all a matter of priorities and what you would rather have in your apartment.

Re-Adjust Your Budget

The biggest tip a New Yorker can give is to be prepared to re-adjust your budget for life in the Big Apple. In addition to a higher rent, you need to account for your food, public transportation and even the occasional outings. Luckily, there are ways to spend less, such as your smaller grocery trips and budget-friendly restaurants. If you need to go out several days a week, a weekly or monthly MetroCard is cheaper than spending the gas or taxi money to go back and forth.

If you do not mind re-adjusting your lifestyle, you may find New York to be an exciting place to live. There are attractions, restaurants, shops and employment opportunities throughout the city.

Once you find apartments for rent in New York City, it may take some time to adjust to your new life. However, it is not impossible, and from a New Yorker's point of view, it is worth the effort.

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A New Yorker’s Guide To Living In New York

If you are planning to relocate to this city, here is a New Yorker's guide to living in New York.

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